It’s time to take care of one of your most expensive investments: your vehicle.

In addition to protecting your car’s value, a clean car boosts your mental health, which makes sense, right? The average American spends 18 full days – a whopping 432 hours! – in their vehicle each year. If a clean, organized house helps you calm down and manage stress, so will a clean car.

The number one thing you can do to protect your vehicle is to wash it regularly. We recommend 2-4 times per month.  But not all washes are created equal and not all washes protect as well as clean.

Best Care for your Car’s Exterior Surfaces (Clear Coat, Paint and Glass)

We recommend you get the Gleam Total Wash for your vehicle between two and four times a month. The Total is Gleam’s best wash and the best value for your wallet and your car. The Total offers multiple levels of care and protection, including:

  • ArmorAll Triple Foam Conditioner

  • Undercarriage blast and rust-inhibiting protection 

  • Lava foam

  • ArmorAll total body protection

  • Rain-X (a ceramic infused protection for your car’s surfaces) and

  • Black Magic tire shine

If you take care of your car, it will not only stay cleaner longer, but will minimize clear coat scarring from surface contaminants such as bugs, sap, bird droppings and, yes, even dog slobber.  

Best Total Care for Your Entire Car, Inside and Out

We recommend you get the GleamTotal Total at least two times per month. The quick vacuum, dusting of hard surfaces and cleaning of glass and mirrors keeps your vehicle in good, sane condition.

If you’re just getting started with car care and you have a significantly dirty car, we recommend a detail to bring the vehicle up to a basic standard of clean. From thereon, we recommend you bring the vehicle in 2-3 times per month for the Total Total.  We promise that keeping your car spiffy, neat and clean will improve your quality of life! 


For the INTERIOR of your vehicle

Doors, Dash & Console (DDC) 

  • Members / Frequent washers: 2 times per year 

  • Non-members / Infrequent washers: 4 times per year 

  • Cloth Seats

    • Members / Frequent washers: 2 times per year 

    • Non-members / Infrequent washers: 3-4 times per year 

  • Leather Seats & Conditioning

    • Leather seats should be conditioned quarterly to preserve the material. 

For the EXTERIOR of your vehicle

  • Clay Bar & Wax: removes surface contaminants and protects your paint

    • Ideally 4 times per year but at a minimum twice a year, once before ski season (October /November) and once before road trip season (April / May)

  • Paint Polish: UV rays at our altitude love to oxidize clear coat! Trim off the ruined paint, and pair with a wax to keep paint beautiful and protected!

    • 1 time per year for darker vehicles with high luster paint (red, black, dark blue colors, etc.). 

IMMEDIATE Attention Must Be Paid to:

Bugs, bird poop, egg, sap and even dog slobber: You must get these off your vehicle immediately! These contaminants will eat into your clear coat and ultimately your paint, permanently scarring your vehicle.

Some of these contaminants will come off in a tunnel wash, especially if you are washing your car regularly, but other times they require a detail. Our detailers take time, have specialized tools and receive training for safe removal. 

Spills: While our detail team can work miracles, we recommend you treat spills as soon as possible. This can be done with our Spot Removal service. This maximizes the chance that we can get the entire spill out and minimizes the chance of lasting odors.

As needed: