Fundraising at Gleam

Gleam has incorporated giving back to the community since we opened in 2016. In six years, we have donated over $75,000 to local nonprofits.

Host a gleam fundraiser & Raise Money for your Nonprofit

We offer local schools and nonprofits the opportunity to host Saturday fundraisers to raise money for your cause. Your supporters can wash their cars at Gleam and 10% of wash sale proceeds from that day are yours to keep. Nonprofits that promote their fundraisers have raised more than $1500!

Fundraiser Details:

  • The nonprofit must  promote the event on social media, emails, website, etc.

  • The nonprofit must commit to having at least two volunteers on site from 9-5 to help our Gleam staff members dry off cars exiting the tunnel.  

  • The volunteers must be wearing t-shirts, hats, or something representative of the organization so that it’s clear they are part of a fundraiser.  This helps drivers know that there is a fundraiser and helps raise awareness about the nonprofit itself.

  • We request that you help get the word out. We suggest the following:

    • Create a Facebook event (and make us a co-host so we can promote it on our page, too!)

    • Promote the fundraiser on your social media pages and website

    • Share the fundraiser with your email list

If you're interested in raising money for your organization with us, please contact us at

Learn more about how to successfully promote the event and fill out our fundraiser agreement here.

Some of the organizations we've worked with: