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Treat yourself to our auto detailing services, where we meticulously clean your car. Our team is professionally trained in each of our car detailing services to bring you a gleaming car.

Interior services begin with disinfection for your safety & that of our staff. ** We charge a nonrefundable deposit for all scheduled detail services. **

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Gleam Detailing Disclaimer 

This section lists disclaimers that clarify Gleam Detailing services. These disclaimers support our policy of being transparent and are meant to promote a better understanding with our customers. 

All vehicles are cleaned at the customer's own risk and must be able to withstand normal cleaning processes.

On check-in, we ask our customers to identify and point out any specific areas or special conditions before the detailing appointment. Extra care will be taken during the cleaning process in these areas. If we find defective materials or loose-fitting parts while cleaning, we may not be able to clean them properly and will advise the customer.

Gleam will not be responsible to replace weak or dead batteries.  We avoid using any electrical devices on cars that may drain a battery, but leaving doors open during the cleaning process can drain a battery if it is in a weak state. Customers need to ensure their battery is in proper working condition.

Gleam is not liable or responsible for malfunction or breakage of any of the vehicle’s mechanical/ electrical/electronic components. We do not interfere with vehicles more than the minimum required amount of use to ensure we perform our job.

Customers are requested to clear their personal items from their vehicle before appointments. Gleam will not be held responsible for any lost items. There may be an extra charge of $25 to remove and repack owner items left in the auto.

Child car seat(s) should be removed prior to the appointment If you wish the seat cleaned under the child seat. We are not experts in re-installing child seats to meet specifications

Glove box and center consoles of interiors will not be cleaned unless specified, Owner’s contents in compartments will not be disturbed.

For autos that have extra dog hair or dirt conditions that are greater than the average amount and take extra time to detail, there will be a surcharge. This charge can vary from $35 (small), $55 (medium) and $110 (large) depending on the extra work required. The detailer working on the auto will assess this charge as the work proceeds

Gleam is not liable or Responsible for:

Gleam is not a paint repair or auto body and will not be held responsible to fix any paint failures that may occur during detailed cleaning or after. 

 Conditions on trim, plastic, vinyl, leather, carpeting, window tint and exterior paint that compromise the quality and performance of our services. (Such as upholstery tears, discoloration, etc.) 

For Unseen or hidden conditions that might be highlighted once that any of our detailing services had been completed. (Such as dings, dents, scratches, etc.)

For Malfunction or breakage of any of the vehicle’s mechanical/ electrical/electronic components. (Such as convertible tops, sunroof  assemblies, check engine light, overheating, breaks, etc.)

For malfunction of Personal entertainment electronics while performing our services or once our services had been rendered. (Such as DVD/CD/Tape player, speakers, sub woofer, and custom video system, etc.) 

For Loose/ broken/ damaged parts during the car wash or detail process (such, Plastic Windows, Plastic Trim Pieces, Antennas, Mirrors, Bug Guards, Loose Chromes, Spoilers, Convertible Tops, wipers, etc.) 

If you have any particular concern, question or request, please let us know before we start working in your car. Check your car before we  or you leave the premises. 

Gleam Interior Disinfection Process

Gleam Car Wash is doing our part to help decrease the spread of viruses, including coronaviruses like COVID-19.  Until circumstances suggest otherwise, Gleam will initiate all interior cleaning services with a disinfecting service.  After people and pets exit a vehicle we will administer an EPA-registered, hospital-grade disinfectant — the Evaclean PurTab product in a concentration of 4306 ppm (parts per million) via a fogger.  At this concentration, the product kills coronavirus in one minute.  Gleam will initiate our standard cleaning systems after the one-minute wait period. This one-minute application will help protect our employees as well as everyone who comes to us for a clean car!  For more information, click here