Three Tips to Protecting Your Car's Paint from Bugs

It's bug season and that can be bad news for your car's paint if you don't take the proper steps to protect it. Here are three tips to make your paint shine for years to come!

1. Wax your car. Going on a road trip? Schedule a Gleam Clay & Wax to protect your clear coat from bugs, bird droppings and sap during your travels. Then, come by for our hand wax add-on every few weeks for added protection!

2. Wash often. Wash your car weekly or even twice per week to ensure bugs don't have time to work into your clear coat and ruin your paint. It takes just two days for some bugs to penetrate your clear coat!

3. Quick clean-ups. Keep a clean microfiber cloth and bottle of water in your car for quick cleanups, although be wary of bird droppings which could scratch your paint.

While washing once to twice a week and investing in car waxing might seem excessive, remember that to fix your car's clear coat or paint can easily run upwards of $1,000. Schedule your service today!